Essential Intrigue
18+ (exemption)
2016 (86mins)
Dir: Matthew Miele

Crazy About Tiffany's

Tiffany is one of the most recognisable international luxury brands while still being an essential part of the New York myth.

Firmly embedded into design, fashion, cultural and cinematic history, the many facets (sorry) of this famous jewellery company are examined and discussed by film and media stars like Jennifer Biel and Fran Lebowitz, costume designers like our own Catherine Martin, DJs, stylists, film producers and a cavalcade of red-carpet regulars.

Going right back to the start, Matthew Miele assembles footage and interviews from all manner of movies - including of course a good proportion of stories and clips from and about Breakfast at Tiffany’s - to paint a hugely enjoyable and fascinating portrait of the life and times of not just the store but the thinking behind it as well as the inhabitants of this rarified atmosphere.