Essential Intrigue
18+ (exemption)
2015 (90mins)
Dir: Sacha Jenkins

Fresh Dressed

Hip hop in all its forms and all its elements has had a profound effect on culture globally and while the music and identities that inhabit that space have been the primary food for its cinematic examinations, here the fashion that takes centre stage.

Fresh Dressed captures an essence of New York rarely seen as we investigate the places and people, the past and present, the famous, the infamous and the unknown and combined, their involvement in the development of the scene.

The film includes pristine and most excellent archival material from the time including nuggets from television as well as the classic images from sources such as Tony Silver’s and Henry Chalfant’s classic graffiti art documentary Style Wars (also screening in Essential Independents).

Featuring appearances by Damon Dash, Nas, Karl Kani, Pharrell Williams and more, Fresh Dressed is packed with great humour, great music and great characters.

Always enjoyable and entertaining, it’s an awfully special look at the look from behind the scenes from the ground up.