Essential Fiction
2015 (98mins)
Dir: Gavin O’Connor

Jane Got a Gun

Despite not often making their way to Australian big or small screens, the Western genre has never gone away.

Jane Got a Gun has got all the elements. Nasty looking whisky-swillin’ bad guys, great wide-screen vistas, thundering action, gun fights a-plenty, a gutsy heroine and a gritty laconic off-sider… and in this case it’s also got Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton and Ewan McGregor!

Jane Hammond (Portman) lives on an isolated homestead but when her once outlaw husband returns from ridin’ the range she realises there’s trouble a brewin’. He’s riddled with gun-shot wounds and she soon learns that life is about to get just that little bit harder.

Hot on the heels of her husband is John Bishop and his marauding gang looking for revenge...or perhaps just something to shoot at! Her only hope is to enlist the services her reluctant gun-slingin’ alcoholic ex, Dan Frost (Edgerton).

Jane Got a Gun looks and sounds great, is filled with hugely entertaining high-action and blue sky along with all the classic Western elements.