Essential Experiments
18+ (exemption)
2015 (71mins)
Dir: Travis Wilkerson

Machine Gun or Typewriter?

Travis Wilkerson is one of Stateside’s great activist and essay filmmakers, and this layered work cements his position.

There are so many textures and frequencies in this story that make it a rare treat on the big screen. Slant Magazine describes it thus: “The protagonist, who we only ever see behind (and half obscured by) a microphone, narrates this idiosyncratic odyssey as the sole operator of a pirate radio station, using his latest broadcast to appeal to a former lover, for whom he’s searching in the aftermath of police crackdowns on Occupy.”

Wilkerson’s style is deeply respectful of some of the masters of the experimental and found footage form - notably Chris Marker and Santiago Alvarez - and you can see their powerful influence here in the lovely tone and rhythm in what Wilkerson calls “punk agit-noir”.

A great introduction to unique cinema for the uninitiated and an engrossing journey for those looking for something on the left hand side of the road.