Essential New York
1969 (113mins)
Dir: John Schlesinger

Midnight Cowboy

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay Midnight Cowboy represents a simply brilliant turning point in American cinema. Featuring career best performances from Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman, it’s also a fantastic snapshot of 1969 New York.

Joe Buck (Voight) works in a kitchen in a lonesome American small town with dreams of all that New York has to offer a handsome cowboy stud.

A Greyhound bus ride later (which in itself is a wonderful cross-section of American life) finds Joe filled with hope and walking the streets looking to score with any and all the wealthy Park Avenue ladies...but New York and its myth isn’t all it seems.

Enter “Ratso” Enrico Rizzo (Hoffman) - scam artist, homeless and a kind of fallen angel with broken wings. Together the oddest of couples find their own dream and along the way introduce us to the genuine New York article.

A beautiful, beautiful film.