Essential Originals
1984 (94mins)
Dir: Kathryn Bigelow

Near Dark

Bigelow’s first solo feature (6 years earlier she co-directed The Loveless), Near Dark is a rollicking Vampire film and one of the most well loved horror films of the last three decades.

Bringing together three stars of Aliens (Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein and Bill Paxton), Near Dark sees Caleb - a young small town cowboy - strike up a Friday night relationship with a new chick on the block - Mae.

It’s a move he’ll sincerely regret but along the way we’re treated to some great horror set pieces, great music (including The Cramps and Tangerine Dream) and a bonafide classic popcorn horror picture.

It’s filled with in-jokes for horror fans and fans of the individual stars and it always delivers with loads of atmosphere, hard-core horror action and excellent performances, especially from Henriksen who well deserves his place in cult film heaven - whatever film he’s in.

The Blue Velvet of date-night spook shows - TIME MAGAZINE
A striking directorial debut, at once scary and erotic - CHICAGO READER