Essential Experiments
15+ (exemption)
2015 (130mins + 20min short)
Dir: Ross Lipman / Samuel Beckett

Notfilm + Film

Lipman’s exhaustive documentary essay explores a strange, mysterious and unknown corner of cinema history - the single film work simply called Film from one of theatre’s great playwrights and Nobel Prize recipient - Samuel Beckett.

In 1965 the great author of the stage classic Waiting for Godot penned a 20 minute short experimental film that was to be directed by Alan Schneider and starring Buster Keaton. Almost completely silent and filled with Beckett trademarks, Film wasn’t widely well received but it’s process makes for fascinating viewing in Lipman’s feature documentary.

Brimming with outtakes, audio recordings and interviews galore with friends, family and contemporaries, Notfilm is a rare look inside the process and mind of a great and often misunderstood artist.

In a one-off opportunity, Beckett’s film Film will screen after a short intermission post Lipman’s documentary.

Outstanding! Notfilm presents a model for other documentarians delving into past histories. - FILM JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL
Notfilm is enthralling! - FILM COMMENT
Intelligent, affectionate… witty and meditative… Notfilm testifies to an almost inexhaustible fascination with the pleasures and paradoxes of cinema. - NEW YORK TIMES