Essential Originals
18+ (exemption)
1994 (76mins)
Dir: Kelly Reichardt

River of Grass

Reichardt’s feature film debut is beautifully stripped back in structure, lean in performance and almost documentary in its environment.

Set for the most part in the Florida suburbs, River of Grass is a parable of social isolation and disconnection that centres on the free-wheeling and accidental relationship between Cozy - who’s life as a mother is about as empty as it gets - and long-time loser Lee.

It’s an odd relationship and far from’s without purpose, love, affection, expectation or desire. It’s just there and it just happens.

In fact there’s little of any of those feelings within any of the characters that populate the film, so making River of Grass a most unusual and absorbing character study as all lives and actions criss-cross.

Not without a tip of the hat in tone to the 1971 independent classic Two-Lane Blacktop, River of Grass is poetic in its restraint and has fascinating definition and control in all its elements providing a star turn for director Reichardt - one of the great independent filmmakers anywhere in the world.

This new digital restoration is presented for the first time in Australia.