Essential Experiments
15+ (exemption)
2015 (89mins)
Dir: Lewis Klahr

Sixty Six

Sixty Six is filled with rich fine art experimentation - and in every frame you can see every day of the 13 years it took to make.

Lewis Klahr’s extraordinary work is a celebration of 50s and 60s comic book, advertising and pulp novels set against stories from Greek mythology.

Distributed over 12 episodes with titles such as Helen of T, Lethe (described by Film Comment magazine as “exquisite”) and Ambrosia, Klahr layers image over image, sound over sound and colour over colour to create a radiant collage/découpage/sample film...the kind of art film all too rarely (if ever) seen internationally in any context.

A kind of cinematic archaeology of the American unconscious... Sixty Six is one of the finest cinematic achievements of the year - NY TIMES
A dazzling array of visual ideas, deftly combined with sounds, silence, or music and all in the service of what (Lewis Klahr) calls the film’s “pop associational mindscape.” - FILM COMMENT