Essential Originals
1991 (97mins)
Dir: Richard Linklater


Richard Linklater put the Austin school of filmmaking on the map with this free-wheeling and rambling but always funny observational meander through the world of the youth of today.

Slacker has such a good nature throughout as character after character moves in and out of the frame and action with Linklater’s camera never dwelling on any one element for more than a fragment. As such we never get a complete grip on anything but what we do find is a fantastic rhythm and tempo that was enormously likable and always enjoyable to watch.

His style and support for the Austin creative community has gone a long way in that city developing a completely unique style of humour, structure and comedic timing we see today in the works of Linklater still, Lynn Shelton, Andrew Bujalski, the Duplass brothers and many more.