Essential Originals
1984 (89mins)
Dir: Jim Jarmusch

Stranger Than Paradise

One of the great indie classics this was a breakthrough work in more ways than one.

An utterly unique film in every way, on its release Stranger Than Paradise heralded a great new filmmaking talent in Jim Jarmusch. Odd long-takes, likeably dislikable characters, tattered and desolate locations and in no real hurry to do anything, it was - and still is - fresh and right in the moment.

Willie is a very dodgy hipster living what seems a mundane life of going to the race track, playing cards, doing nothing in particular and generally scamming his way along - mostly with his equally aimless buddy Eddie.

Willie’s Hungarian cousin Eva lands on his New York doorstep and from there - well nothing really develops between the three - but boy that nothing is fantastic to watch.

Filled with texture and an obvious chemistry between everyone in front and behind the camera Stranger than Paradise is most excellent fun.

Stranger Than Paradise is a treasure from one end to the other. - ROGER EBERT