Essential Fiction
15+ (exemption)
2016 (72mins)
Dir: Anna Rose Holmer

The Fits

Developed and produced through the 2014/15 edition of the Venice Biennale Cinema College program, The Fits is a wholly individual work.

Unhurried and fluid, this first feature from Anna Rose Holmer is an enigmatic coming of age story that follows an 11 year old tomboy Toni (played with great maturity by Royalty Hightower) as she looks for a place to belong amongst friends and community.

Set largely in a community centre located in the midst of a housing estate, Toni oscillates between the boxing gym and the dance class listening and observing - but something unusual is happening to those also in the building… an unexplained outbreak of fainting spells. But it’s the wide-eyed innocence of Toni and Hightower’s portrayal that is the real story here.

The Fits seems untroubled (or unconstrained) by traditional filmmaking convention and while Toni’s story is great to watch, the fantastic freshness in the storytelling itself is always surprising and a pleasure to experience.

A real discovery.

Beguiling - VARIETY