Essential New York
1971 (104mins)
Dir: William Friedkin

The French Connection

One of the greatest crime action films - ever!

Everything about it is ripped from true-crime headlines as hard nosed NYPD detective “Popeye” Doyle goes to the very limit of the law and beyond in trying to break a French-based heroin ring.

Set almost entirely on the New York streets and in the subways, Gene Hackman turns in a career defining performance as Doyle who’se no-holds-barred approach makes Dirty Harry look like Mrs Doubtfire!

As his partner Buddy “Cloudy” Russo, Roy Scheider puts in a star turn and squarely claimed his place as one of the blockbuster actors of the 70s...3 years later he was starring in Jaws and 5 years later in Friedkin’s muscular thriller Sorcerer.

Through its frenetic action, The French Connection includes some of the most memorable images of New York committed to celluloid - and one of the great action/chase sequences of all time.

A great white-knuckle ride and a fantastic performance from Hackman.