Essential Fiction
15+ (exemption)
2015 (99mins)
Dir: Kenny Riches

The Strongest Man

We won’t say that the humour in this film is for everybody. We will say that if you tune in, you’ll find The Strongest Man enormously rewarding and enjoyable viewing... but you’re either in or out. It’s from that special school of innocent filmmaking in the zone of Cory McAbee’s legendary The American Astronaut or Ari Gold’s one-of-a-kind The Adventures of Power.

Along with his lifelong-friend and Korean immigrant Conan, Beef works on a construction site. Beef doesn’t consider himself the strongest man in the world but he is mighty strong. Above all though he’s a kick-arse BMX bike rider and next to Conan, his best friend is his gold BMX bike. Things suddenly change for Beef though when his beloved bike is stolen, when he discovers his spirit animal is a chicken and when he meets the niece of a rich art collector.

The Strongest Man is played deadpan throughout, is punctuated by strange premonitions and philosophical voice-overs in Spanish and doesn’t play to any real rulebook. No-one gets killed or hurt. There’s no violence. There’s no swearing. There’s often no purpose - but it’s all genuine, imaginative and oddball heart.