Essential New York
1979 (92mins)
Dir: Walter Hill

The Warriors

A true cult film, The Warriors has got it all...a great looking bare-chested cast, rough and rugged action, a soundtrack full of funk and soul and of course evocative New York street and subway locations.

Cyrus is the charismatic leader of the Riffs - the most powerful gang across all of New York. Calling a meeting that includes all the New York gangs, Cyrus is forming an army - and the gangs are all for it.

Things at the rally don’t go according to plan and by accident the Coney Island based gang - the Warriors - become targets of every gang in the city.

Caught miles away from their turf the Warriors have to make the perilous journey back to Coney Island with every gang member in town in pursuit and it’s from here the roller coaster ride begins (that’s a joke right there dear reader).

It’s a film that’s somewhere between Escape From New York (which was released two years later and includes an eerily similar score) and A Clockwork Orange.

The Warriors is loads of fun and goes a long way in building the myth of New York.