Opening Night
18+ (exemption)
2014 (120mins)
Dir: Oren Moverman

Time Out of Mind

Richard Gere gives an outstanding and utterly surprising performance as George, an older man on the downward slide to life on the streets of New York.

Simple, sharp and very finely tuned, Oscar nominated Director Oren Moverman’s style harks back to the great 60s and 70s American independent films with the deep focus and street settings the period was famous for.

As an audience member, Moverman positions you looking at the story unfold from another block, through the window of a bar, from across the street or from a balcony above. It gives the film a fantastic realism within which George is completely unnoticed.

But despite the distance we’re there for every step of Gere’s nuanced and largely solo performance.

Outstanding directing from Moverman and one of Gere’s great moments.

A haunting piece of urban poetry that further confirms Oren Moverman as a socially conscious filmmaker of rare conviction and authority. - VARIETY
Everyone involved in this small miracle of cinema is on the high wire. - ROLLING STONE