Essential Fiction
18+ (exemption)
2015 (107mins)
Dir: Dennis Hauck

Too Late

This is an ambitious film. Too Late is a lean noir styled work where world-weary detective Mel Sampson investigates the murder of a young girl on a lonely hillside in the LA hinterland.

As per classic noir, there’s layer upon layer of relationships and motivations from all the characters. There’s sleaze, there’s seedy and shady characters, there’s lots of cigarettes, there’s lots (and lots) of cool and smooth music and there’s plenty of great strip clubs, drive-ins, LA mansion locations.

Too Late has got them all in aces (all five of them) and the extra kicker is that each part of the story is five chapters told in five single 20 minute no-edit takes shot on 35mm.

Some of them flow across outdoor locations - which are particularly impressive. Some flow between indoors and outdoors. Some flow between rooms and floors - but together they all just flow.

There’s great respect in noir genre here right down to the motivation of our lead-dick Mel Sampson. The dialogue is smart and sharp and there’s great chemistry (and obvious trust required in single take action) and in between all characters there’s plenty of contemporary atmosphere and groove...and gee it looks good!

It’s all lots and lots of fun and very fresh.