Essential Fiction
18+ (exemption)
2015 (105mins)
Dir: Sean Mewshaw


Sean Mewshaw teams up with his wife and screenwriter Desi Van Til to produce his first feature film - and you’d have to say they’re onto what looks to be a very, very promising partnership with this snappy and immensely watchable romantic drama.

Hannah is living in remote back-country of Maine and grieving over the loss two years earlier of her acclaimed folk musician husband Hunter Miles.

Andrew is a scholar wanting to explore Hunter’s world and chart Miles’ short but influential creative trajectory. It’s far from smooth sailing as the two tussle over Hunter’s memory and their own feelings of loss and love.

Jason Sudeikis and Rebecca Hall are perfect walking the fine line between screwball comedy and romantic drama but behind them are the wonderful mountain landscapes, very, very lovely Nick Drake inspired music and a constantly sparky and spunky script from Van Til.